Abdiwali Gooni

Mr. Abdiwali Gooni is a Communications Director of Puntland Parliament. Before joining the Government, Mr. Gooni has been working in media, governmental and non-governmental sectors in Puntland for the last 15 years as he was Founder and Director of Somali Youth Federation based in Garowe, the Executive Director of Somali Volunteer Youth Development Organisation ( Sovoyodo) from 2014-2019. Coordinator of National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) from 2011-2014 as well as served as Director of Horseed Media in Bosaso in 2009.

Mr. Gooni holds Master of Arts in Criminology and Security Studies from Mount Kenya University, BA in International relations and Diplomacy from Cavendish University, Kampala, Uganda as well as countless complementary knowledge.

Email: info@parliament.pl.so






















































































































































































































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