The mission of the HoR is to represent the people of Puntland and address and serve their needs through various outreach activities; to make laws and exercise its legislative duties in consultation with the public; and to exercise such oversight functions of the government by engaging stakeholders to ensure that the government is accountable, transparent and accessible to the people.


A democratically elected, independent, modern and model Parliament which reflects and effectively represents the people of Puntland and is responsive to their needs; fulfills its Constitutional duties; and governs in accordance with the rule of law in a peaceful and just society.


The following are the core values and beliefs of the HoR which indicate what it stands for, what drives its priorities, and what guides its daily interaction in the implementation of its Mission to achieve its Vision.

  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Equality
  • Justice
  • Peace and Reconciliation
  • Unity

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