Abdallah Yusuf Qaylo

Hon. Abdallah Yusuf Qaylo is a member of the Puntland Parliament and he is the head of the Security Committee at the Parliament. Prior to this position, he had worked with several private institutions. He worked with Golis Telecommunication Company as an IT officer, developing websites and designing graphics. He later joined the Public Relations Department of the Company as he was directing the issuance of the company’s annual magazine.

He also worked with Tadamun Social Society which is a humanitarian local organization. He participated in the project planning, project implementations, and awareness campaigns.

He was also a lecturer at the University of Bosaso as he was teaching Information Technology courses which were mainly web developing and Graphic designs.

MP Abdullahi had worked with research institutions and community organizations whom some of them he was the founder. He has also online free courses which many Somali students have benefited and still benefiting from.

In education, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Postgraduates in research methodology.

E-mail: abdullahi.qaylo@parliament.pl.so




wararkii ugu dambeeyey
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