Aways Ahmed Sardheye

Aways Ahmed Sardheye is currently member of Puntland parliament since January 2019. He is also an active member of Social sector Parliament committee, and have been working for advocating issues related to youth, gender, human rights, health and education.

Mr. Sardheeye have particularly worked on advocating on different of addressing the prevention of violent extremism and human trafficking in Puntland. Before He joined the Puntland parliament He has been working as the Chairperson of Puntland Youth Associations Network 2015 until December 2018, PYAN is an umbrella that unites the umbrellas of the nine regions of Puntland and Youth-Peer-with the intention of unifying the efforts of the youth umbrellas to advocate for youth concerns, rights and needs in Puntland State of Somalia.

He has been particularly involved in strengthening the participation of youth umbrellas in Puntland contributing to more inclusive, coordination, and representation in better relationship among youth associations.

More importantly He has been working in enhancing advocacy, development, capacity-building, mobilization and coordination of Puntland’s young people and community, and played a role in the political, economic and social development of Puntland. He also focused on youth leadership engagement in political participation and democratization processes.

As part of youth leadership experience, He is member of Young African leadership initiative (YALI).

Hon. Aways Ahmed Sardheye
Member of Puntland Parliament
Tell: +252907752600

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